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September 21, 2009


"Coyotes hunt by sending a small female or youngster inside a fenced area to lure a cat or other small animal into a chase, then lead the small animal outside the fence where the pack of coyotes will be waiting to attack. "

Yikes, clever rascals! It really surprises me that they can be so cunning. I'm glad I live in the Midwest- cars and people are hazards enough for cats.

Coyotes are becoming more common in the Midwest. I just found a website mentioning the rising population of coyotes in Chicago.


Here are a couple of other links to sources of information on coyotes in urban areas in southern California, where their numbers are high:



Hey now, that's not quite what I wanted to hear. Chicago is getting a little too close for comfort there.

On a serious note, I've been going through a fallow time here spiritually and it's always nice to check in for inspiration.

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