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August 03, 2009


They could have us as allies, on this and many issues, and they obstinately refuse. We could tip support well over 50% and well into consensus, but they won't have it. They'd rather stick a finger in our eye and doing it alone, so the whole souffle is likely to collapse. Then in 2 years they can demagogue the issue and talk about what a crisis our health are system is, how gosh-darn immoral it is that so many are without coverage (right and right)& how they really really want to give free and unlimited Supercalifragilistic health care to everyone (but, shh, they refuse to make the compromises that would make that happen). Then, the election cycle after that, repeat... ad infinitum. It's dispiriting. I've given up on politics. I pray. I take care of those near me. I try to live a Christian life. The political system is a tangled, infernal mess.

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