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August 29, 2009


This is wonderful news. I've been hoping that the Anglo-Catholics would join us Romans now that the Episcopal Church has chosen an alternate route to Christian orthodoxy. Anglican converts are my favourite Catholics, Ven. Cardinal Newman, Chesterton, and Muggeridge all bring the goodness of the Anglican tradition to the fullness of the Catholic faith.

By the way, I love your blog, and read it all the time, I have it linked on mine.

God Bless.

Thanks for the comment, Andrew.

The Episcopal church has, at last, fully gotten over an identity question that stalked it for more than thirty years -- whether to follow in the winds of progressiveness along side, and in front of, many mainline denominations, or to find the place where various Churchmen - anglocatholics, lowchurch evangelists, even deists have found, if not doctrinal agreement, then a way of pushing differences under the rug at General Convention. No more. The line has been drawn in the sand too long. The Anglican Church in America - which by the way was the origional name for the breakaway group in the 1970's (which very soon thereafter broke into several different dioceses and provinces. Anglicanism can no longer affirm a Catholic idenity when there is no communion. A confederacy of provinces, characterized by the greatest mistrust between them, is not Catholic, in either sense of the word. There was a reason for a mind as profound as Newman's to be recieved into the Catholic Church. Perhaps digging out his ever-origional thought can illuminate the decisions of those uncertain how to procede.

He has been a frequent commenter on Anglican blogs over the past several years as Anglo-Catholics and Evangelicals in the Episcopal Church has struggled in response to the changes within the Episcopal Church.

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