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June 13, 2009


The diet change sounds promising. You might have her back to her spry old self in no time, though I suspect you'd miss the "lap-cat" phase :-)

My cat never showed any interest in movies, but a movie did help me bond with her. When a girlfriend brought me this little ball of fluff that her mom had found shivering in a ditch I didn't know quite what to make her (Whiskey, that is). I'd never had a cat and always considered myself a dog person, so I spent the first few days adjusting to this beautiful little creature and being a little puzzled about just how I really was supposed to feel about my sudden house-guest. Then one night I made the mistake of staying up to watch The Shining. That did it; every time I closed my eyes I saw those two pale little girls and got the shivers. Suddenly I wanted Whiskey near more than anything, and just as suddenly she was there, purring and playful. I slept that night on the living room floor so Whiskey could curl up nearby (she was too small to make the leap up my bed at that time). That was the first glimmering of the bonding process for me. Love began to replace responsibility, and I am definitely not a dog-person anymore. :-) Thanks for sparking a trip down memory lane!

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