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December 03, 2008


Hi, Teresa:

If I were being honest, I would say that your email to Starbucks was possibly overstated -- there's nothing particularly "Christmas" about gingerbread, and I don't think I would have felt put out by their not using the word "Christmas" to characterize their gingerbread product.

That having been said, I think you did get a smarmy response. I might think about writing them back to ask whether there is "relevant merchandise" that "can be used" by a store manager to "create a nice" Christmas "gift pack".

Peace and blessed Advent to you.

Nick B

Thanks for the comment, Nick. I don't think my e-mail to Starbucks was overstated. I didn't ask them to use the word "Christmas". I just asked them not to use the word "holiday" where it serves no purpose to do so. If Starbucks' response was a standard push-a-button response sent to a lot of people, I think it illustrates my point. It was excessive. Besides that, their offering Hannukah-specific items in some stores, while using the word "holiday" to avoid having a Christmas-specific item, amounts to showing a discriminatory preference for one religion over another.

As for Christmas gift packs, I already ordered a gift pack from Peet's which is probably the only coffee gift pack I will use this year. Their items are also called "holiday" items. If you click the Peet's links in the post, you will see that everything on the Peet's website uses the word "holiday" instead of "Christmas". But I have never thought their use of it to be overkill. I didn't expect much from Starbucks in response to my complaint, but it was a sincere complaint. The post was done in response to the e-mail reply I received from Starbucks in response to it. I am glad that you agree about their response.

Try this "Tossmas" video, clicking on the stop light to start it:


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