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October 15, 2008


i guess what muffin need is just time. a bit jealousy can cause cat's war right. after a few weeks i believe, everything will be better...
Steven Johnson
Best Cat Grooming you got...

Thanks for the comment, Steven. This post is from last year. Muffin and Isis, the other cat in the photo, are now good friends and sisters. She is called "Icy". They often curl up on either side of me on the sofa, and Muffin will now let Isis curl up next to her.

A couple of months after I took the other cat (Rolstan) back to the shelter, I got a phone call from Home Again saying that someone wanted to register him as theirs. So I am pretty sure he found another home. I had signed him back over to the shelter when I took him back, but the girl at the front desk said she didn't need that form. It turned out for the best because Home Again had to phone me to get permission to register him to the new owner, and that let me know that he found another home. I still sometimes wonder how he is doing.

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