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October 29, 2006


Thank you for a truly excellent overview of this astonishing and rapidly developing situation.

I will briefly share an individual anecdote. I spoke with the Director of Worship at the LA Archdiocese today, and asked for a copy of the response to the directive from Cardinal Arinze and Bishop Skylstad. I was told "there is no response".

When I mentioned the existence of such a response on Archdiocesan letterhead which had been scanned and posted on the web, I was quickly assured that the Skylstad letter "only asked us to prepare catechetical materials."

The very notion of a Good Shepherd parish in LA makes my heart sing.

If only!

Thanks for your enlightening reflection and reporting on recent events and the reactionary response of the French episcopate= bishops & priests (in a minority)in that country to the establishment of the Institute of the Good Shephard and the "soon to be released" Motu Proprio by H.H Benedict 16.I personally live in the Diocese of Orange in southern California and fully expect rebellion & quasi-schism from such California clerics as Mahoney & Brown to the rebirth of the ancient liturgy after so many years of protestantizing and abuse in the Novus Ordo Missae. Millions especially young Catholics are totally enthraulled with and in ever increasing numbers returning to the ancient liturgy, the same can be said of Orthodox "traditional seminaries such as the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Fraternal Society of St.Peter, St John Cantius and yes the Society of St. Pius X and even sedevacantists seminaries (a theology i do not agree with). these institutes seminaries are filled to overflowing, traditional religious communities are flourishing and Tridentine masses are filled to overflowing, it does say something positive about Orthodoxy, Shalom--John

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