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August 04, 2006


As ever, today's visual doesn't disappoint - a feast for tired eyes, so to speak!

May I offer for your edification the following composite image, the second scene of which depicting the Holy Sepulcre in Jerusalem came to mind at first glance of your snapshot:


taken from a neat URL on spirituality fed by imagery at ENID (European Network om the Instruments of Devotion, a colloquium of scholars, including an expert on that affront to poular piety, the stripping of the altars, Eammon Duffy)?

"Some remarks on the Sacredness or the Sanctity of Images ..." authored by Henning Laugerud, Bergen"


Pray that Our Lady's images convey their miraculous gifts to the faithful in trepidation in the Holy Land today...
I ask this in her Son's name,

Thank you, Clare. As usual, your comment contributes much.

The photo in this post is actually a sort of "re-run", and there are more photos with more information about that church in an earlier post from shortly after last October's trip to France:


Funds to save the church in the photo from demolition are no doubt still being raised.

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