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May 08, 2006


Merci beaucoup for the translations - I was confirmed as a teen in the UKCathedral of Shrewsbury but no one taught us about the saint (St Peter of Alcantara) associated with Teresa de Jesus it was co-dedicated to. I only learnt about his role when I saw the 8-part dramatization of her life on TV here in the States... 30 years later! While her trials were indeed severe, God saw to it that she was lifted up through distinguished holy men like St John. I will take succour, that in his providence, he will do the same for each of us when we seek 'nourishment for our soul' too.

P.S. Hope my links work ok - I've just learnt how to add live links - its like having a new toy. I find myself having to put one in every posting, pardonez moi! oops no they don't so here's the text strings instead:

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