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April 28, 2006


Thanks for the links !
B16 holds that our best apologists are the saints. One can learn so much reading about the peculiarities of their lives. I pay particular attention to how they consecrate time, like little guide lights down the ages steering us along the path to Heaven. The calendar is jam-packed with fascinating associations and dates: Catherine's birthday is just as interesting as her memorial, the Annunciation is also the memorial of the good thief, Dismas:


Last year as poor JPII and Terri Schiavo lay dying, I dubbed Good Friday 'womb-to-tomb' day as for many of us those events were not merely coincidental ... the Annunciation plays a role in B16's life too - his patron saint Joseph Benedict Labre whose memorial is his birthday (4-16) was born that day too ...


When we contemplate our existence illuminated by faith, it becomes as enchanting as the best of fairy tales, don't you think? Let's reclaim the fascination with the sacred for our own culture. Remind folks that the popular herbal pick-me-up Hypericum is called 'St. Johns Wort' because it blooms end of June around about the time the Church commemorates the only other birthday of a saint besides the Blessed Mother - St John the Baptist. His spiritual 'pick-me-up' is what our ailing world certainly needs - metanoia!

God Bless

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