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April 04, 2010


Larry Betson


Thank you for sharing your incite on this ever increasing bash of Christianity. Let us understand as well, these are people, and not infallible. That being said, it is a shame for the luke warm Catholics or the Catholics that are on the precipice about their religion, because it just bolsters their case and drives them away. Jesus knows all too well what is in our hearts, mind, and soul. Continue to praise our dear Lord Jesus, oh how merciful you are. It was in your mercy that you offered up your life as a sacrifice for our shortcomings, one of those shortcomings is that which you have mentioned.

May the Holy Spirit dilate our hearts during these trying times and allow us to be ever stronger in trusting our Dear Lord Jesus. To be truly compassionate lovers of humanity in all it's forms. Dear Lord guides us and continue to hold us up.


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